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Has your mortgage been rejected at the last moment?

Has your mortgage been rejected at the last moment?

Such occurrences are typically rare because the likelihood of #mortgage approval is usually determined early in the process. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, such as sudden job loss or the discovery of fraudulent activities by the bank, rejection at the last moment is uncommon.

Even if the bank identifies issues with the applicant, it doesn't always result in an outright rejection. Your mortgage broker can liaise with the bank, and if the issues aren't severe, there remains a chance for approval.

We haven't encountered instances where clients were notified of #rejection just before #closing. Even if the bank uncovers peculiar circumstances during the #mortgage process, we will promptly communicate and assist clients in resolving the situation smoothly.

Therefore, securing a professional and reliable #mortgage broker is crucial, given its potentially significant impact on your life.

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