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Michelle Wang, the Principal Broker of Fortune Link Mortgage Group, holds an impressive professional background. She began her career as one of the youngest members of the Assistant Branch Manager team at Downtown Core RBC and has since then led multiple teams, overseeing City Place and Employee Banking branches. While at RBC Royal Bank, Michelle was recognized for her exceptional performance, earning several Royal Performance Awards. Seeking to expand her knowledge of the mortgage industry, she made the bold decision to leave her position at one of the five major banks and transitioned into the role of a broker. Over the years, Michelle has honed her lending skills and accumulated extensive experience, demonstrating a rigorous work ethic and a thorough understanding of the policies of each financial institution. Her expertise has enabled her to assist numerous clients, including those facing difficult financial circumstances, in securing mortgages and avoiding default or high interest rates. As a result, Michelle has earned a sterling reputation among her clients and has received multiple awards for her exceptional performance.

Compliant · Professional · Efficient

​Fortune Link Mortgage Group

Mortgage Broker

License #: M15000915

About Us

Fortune Link Mortgage Group is independently owned and operated under the MA Mortgage Architects network.
Lenders in partnership with MA:

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