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Whether you are a business owner, new immigrant, resident, work visa holder, or low-income earner in Canada, and are looking to purchase a home or investment property, our team of professional lending specialists can help. We understand that everyone's situation is unique, and we will work with you to create a personalized mortgage plan that meets your specific needs and circumstances.

Purchase of owner-occupied or investment properties:

· Self-employed individuals/salaried employees

  require a minimum of 20% down payment

· Individuals with low reported income

  require a minimum of 20% down payment

· Work visa holders/Non-Canadian tax residents

  require a minimum of 20% down payment

· Low credit score requires a minimum of 20% down payment

· No limit on the number of investment properties owned

· Luxury home loans: up to a maximum of 30 million dollars can be borrowed


Special program for Pre-construction homes

Mortgage Loan to Value can go as high as 99% of purchase price!

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