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About Us

Our team comprises seasoned mortgage agents who offer invaluable advice with exceptional professionalism. Our outstanding work has been recognized by numerous mortgage awards, and we take pride in overseeing every application and promptly resolving issues to help our clients achieve their dreams of homeownership and business expansion. 

Why Choose Us?

As a reputable mortgage firm based in Canada, Fortune Link Mortgage Group takes pride in offering its clients a professional, efficient, and secure mortgage process, coupled with our unwavering commitment to resolving complex mortgage issues. This is not merely an advertising catchphrase but a true reflection of our expertise and approach.

Our organization is dedicated to helping individuals from all corners of the globe realize their homeownership dreams in Canada. We understand that clients may encounter several hurdles while seeking a mortgage, including low down payments, damaged credit scores, substantial loan amounts, low reported tax income, tight closing deadlines, ownership of multiple properties, or bankruptcy. In such circumstances, we encourage you to contact us without delay. We will offer the most reliable and professional mortgage solutions to help you overcome these obstacles.

Our service offerings include a wide range of mortgage-related products, and we invite you to peruse them by clicking on the provided link. Alternatively, you may call us at 647-835-0666 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Our Strengths 


Low Income

If you fall into the category of individuals with low taxable income, regardless of whether you are self-employed, employed, or derive income from other sources, we are at your disposal for consultation. Our extensive knowledge encompasses the policies of numerous financial institutions, enabling us to assist you in finding suitable mortgage options.


Low Down Payment

Whether you are self-employed or a salaried individual, if you have constraints on your housing budget, we can provide assistance by offering a minimal down payment requirement of only 20%.


Low Credit

If, for any reason, your credit score has dropped to a low level, we can still assist you in applying for a mortgage. We have successfully helped clients secure mortgage approvals with credit scores as low as the 400s.


Multiple Properties

If you possess multiple real estate properties and are interested in leveraging their equity for the purchase of a new property or business expansion, we can offer our expertise and assistance. Our track record includes successfully securing loan approvals for clients with portfolios of up to 16 properties.

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